Spectrum’s MG Jerry Harrison Composes Moving Tribute to Army Families

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The professional experience and expertise of The Spectrum Group’s Members is what has supported our clients’ success over the past 25 years. However, our Members’ skills and credentials often expand beyond the capacities of our six Centers of Excellence. One such Member with a passion for music, MG Jerry Harrison, USA, Ret., was recently featured in Army Magazine for his moving composition “Deployed Again,” a ballad depicting the struggles of military families during times of separation.

General Harrison has always been interested in music and songwriting. During his two tours in Korea, he often played his guitar in the evening to keep his spirits up while away from his family. After a dinner in 2015 hosted by an active-duty Colonel and his wife, Harrison was finally inspired to put pen to paper. The discussion he’d had with that family over dinner, combined with the countless conversations he’d had with other Army families about the difficulties faced by families during deployments, resulted in “Deployed Again.”

Soon after, Harrison was connected to Ken Holmes, a relative’s friend in Nashville, Tennessee who had professional songwriting experience. The duo created a demo, which Harrison shared with then-president and CEO of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) General Gordon R. Sullivan. As a result, the song was performed at the 2015 and 2016 Marshall Dinner by Downrange, the U.S. Army Band.

In celebration of Military Family Month and Veterans Day, a video version of “Deployed Again” was released on YouTube, and can be viewed here.

General Harrison is a member of The Spectrum Group’s Army, BRAC, and Strategic Communications teams. He brings expert military, government and commercial experience to his work with clients, helping identify, target and develop companies, programs and government processes for sustained client success. General Harrison’s military experience gives him unique insights into Department of Defense processes in programs, budgets, research and development, and Congressional relations.


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