The Spectrum Group

Robert Koczat

Expertise Areas

  • Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Programs
  • Due Diligence, Acquisition, Proposals, RFPs
  • Industry-PEO Project Office Liaison, Program Management
  • Engineering R&D, Management, Systems Integration, Testing
  • Air Defense, Aviation Systems, Interoperability
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Change Management
  • Strategic Planning, Business Development, Leadership


Mr. Koczat supports clients in major system integration and operational testing programs as a subject matter expert with a broad and deep lifecycle understanding of success in DoD and FAA programs. He delivers extensive expertise in programmatic, operational and engineering areas in defense and aerospace arenas, including helping U.S. companies enter foreign partner nation defense markets. Mr. Koczat supports client strategic planning, positioning, product development and global market entry efforts by developing white papers and giving presentations for industry and academic conferences on topics such as aviation flight mission systems, C3I systems, DoD systems, ATC systems, simulation and training systems, and GIS systems.

Before joining The Spectrum Group, Mr. Koczat served a 36-year career as Chief Engineer at Raytheon, where he successfully led engineering programs including DoD PATRIOT Air Defense Systems, PATRIOT C3I systems, and FAA STARS ATC systems. His responsibilities encompassed engineering, contracts, technical direction, systems integration, modernization, and proposals, enabling him build significant expertise and gain strong insight into successful strategic planning, program execution, and lifecycle development. At Raytheon, Mr. Koczat also supported several successful major systems integration and operational testing projects at government and military base test sites in White Sands, Ft. Bliss, Huntsville, and at the FAA Technical Center.

Mr. Koczat also serves as an industry partner in the FAA Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability (PEGASAS) program, providing assistance to the FAA and six partner universities in developing, running and reporting a dozen high-level aviation/engineering research projects.


  • Chief Engineer, PATRIOT Air Defense Program, Raytheon
  • Lead Engineer, PATRIOT Engineering Services Contracts, Raytheon
  • Technical Director, PATRIOT Systems Integration, Raytheon
  • PATRIOT PAC-3 Chief Engineer, System Integration, Raytheon/Lockheed Martin
  • Proposal/Technical Director for PATRIOT Modernization Programs, IBCS Program, Raytheon
  • FAA STARS ATC Program Technical Director and Systems Integration Lead, Raytheon


  • B.S., Mathematics, Lowell Technological Institute