MG Jerry Harrison, USA, Ret.

MG Jerry Harrison, USA, Ret.

Expertise Areas

  • Federal and Defense Business Development
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Technology Development and Transition
  • Innovation
  • Start-Up Business Support
  • Congressional Relations and Strategic Communications


General Harrison brings expert military, government and commercial experience to his work with clients, helping identify, target and develop companies, programs and government processes that can meet for customer and company financial benefit and sustained client success. His military experience gives him unique insights into  Department of Defense processes in programs, budgets, research and development, and Congressional relations.

Prior to joining The Spectrum Group, General Harrison served as Vice President and General Manager for Federal Business Development for SRI International, supporting BD-related company efforts to transition new technologies to customers while teaching innovation. General Harrison helped support the company’s R&D-to-commercial mission in diverse areas including education, learning technologies, medicine and bio-science, computer technologies, augmented and virtual reality, and training systems; he also gained start-up BD insights through serving on the SRI committee that made funding decisions for new technologies.

General Harrison also previously served as the Vice President for Business Development for both Motorola and General Dynamics. In these roles, he was responsible for business development and government operations, as well as meeting customer needs and identifying, targeting and implementing the available technologies and teammates needed to capture business. He also previously served as CEO of an international start up company, with experience spanning incorporating the company in the U.S., seeking partners to insert the technologies into national systems, and securing investor funds.

His U.S. Army career included serving as Chief of Legislative Liaison and as Commander of the U.S. Army Laboratory Command, enabling him to build and maintain a strong network of key decision-makers and empowering his clients to have critical insights into the innovation, legislation and paths forward for the U.S. Army and its partner and supporting organizations.


  • VP for Business Development, Motorola
  • VP for Business Development, General Dynamics
  • VP and General Manager for Federal Government Business Development, SRI International
  • Chief of Legislative Liaison, U.S. Army
  • Commander, U.S. Army Laboratory Command


  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • B.S., U.S. Military Academy