Jasmine Edan The Spectrum Group

Jasmine Edan

Expertise Areas

  • International and Multinational Logistics
  • International Visas, Documentation and Contracts
  • Congressional Relations
  • Strategic Communications
  • Security
  • Border Security
  • Fluent in Arabic and Semitic Languages


Ms. Edan supports client missions focused around security, strategic communications and Congressional relations, with significant expertise in security operations and logistics in the Middle East and Central Asia. She works closely with staff at many global embassies and consulates, and helps deployment agents in the U.S. contracting community as they implement their OCONUS work. Ms. Edan also supports clients with her extensive experience in facilitating and managing operations departments, analytics, and strategic and technical resources.

In addition to her work at The Spectrum Group, Ms. Edan is the founder and President of Velox Visa and Passport Services. In this capacity, she works closely with the diplomatic staffs of many countries, along with the U.S. contracting community, in obtaining all proper documentation needed to work in international endeavors. Ms. Edan has a vast experience in the travel documentation field and a strong professional network of relationships with key officials in embassies and consulates around the world, helping ensure her clients carefully and precisely follow all country procedures. She is a graduate of the English for Heritage Language Speakers program at Georgetown University.


  • Founder and President, Velox Visa


  • B.A., Semitic Languages, Baghdad University