CAPT Ike Puzon, USN, Ret.

CAPT Ike Puzon, USN, Ret.

Expertise Areas

  • International Business Development, Sales and Marketing
  • Departments of Defense and State
  • U.S. Military Geographic and Component Commands
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technologies and Innovation
  • Congressional Relations and Government Affairs


Captain Puzon supports clients in international business development and government relations, with an emphasis on the Middle East, foreign military sales (FMS) and direct commercial sales, and homeland and aerospace security. His experience spans the defense and aerospace commercial sector, the Department of State, and the U.S. Navy.

Prior to joining The Spectrum Group, Captain Puzon served as Chief of Staff to Ambassador Bill Taylor in the Office of the Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions at the State Department. He previously served in business development roles in military, homeland security, aerospace and aviation capacities for ERA Corporation and Allied Aerospace Corporation. Captain Puzon also previously served as senior military advisor and military legislative assistant in the office of Senator Max Cleland.

In his 30-year career in the U.S. Navy, Captain Puzon worked extensively on Capitol Hill, in the Pentagon, and with key international decision-makers in the MENA and former Soviet Union geographies. He served as executive assistant to Ambassadors Rich Armitage and Tom Simmons in the Department of State, facilitating U.S. assistance to former Soviet Union nations. He also served in in roles supporting the Secretary of Defense Strategic Studies and J8, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In his command roles, Captain Puzon held command of a Navy P-3 squadron and Naval Air Station.

Captain Puzon has worked extensively in Congressional relations, including around access to foreign markets and past BRAC hearings. He previously served as the Director of Government Relations and Legislation for the Association of the U.S. Navy (AUSN).


  • Chief of Staff, Office of Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions, Department of State
  • Director of Government Relations/Legislation, Association of United States Navy
  • Chief of Staff, Coordinator of Assistance to the Former Soviet Union, Department of State


  • M.S., National Security Strategy, National War College
  • M.S., Naval National Security Strategy, Naval War College
  • M.S., Organizational Development, Pepperdine University
  • M.S., Political Science, East Carolina University
  • B.S., Political Science, East Carolina University