Supporting Client Businesses, Missions and Success

The Spectrum Group has supported global clients for 25 years across a diverse array of industries, challenges and geographies. We use our expertise to support clients throughout the life cycle of business development in the public and private sectors, from pre-opportunity groundwork and opportunity pursuit to maximizing wins.

We support client goals through due diligence and risk assessments, and help plan strategic growth and target selected opportunities. We facilitate government and executive relations to help clients position products, services and companies and form strategic partnerships. And to ensure best outcomes, we help clients mitigate losses and costly challenges, and maximize wins and opportunities.

Our mission is your success. Browse our services below or click to learn more about our Strategic Growth, Risk Management & Targeted Opportunities, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, and Congressional & Government Relations offerings.

Strategic Growth Client Services The Spectrum Group

Strategic Growth

With insights into U.S. and international policy and business, we provide strategic planning and positioning, risk assessments and opportunity evaluation to our clients around the world. We work with our clients to:

  • Analyze federal budgets and industry trends, and develop market entry strategies
  • Assess and develop strategic partnerships
  • Conduct political and industry due diligence
  • Navigate compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Deliver full-spectrum M&A support

Risk Management & Targeted Opportunities

We help our clients navigate dynamic policy and market environments to strategically plan and execute engagements. We specialize in:

  • Strategic government, military and executive relations, building positive and productive relationships
  • Building value-generating public-private partnerships
  • Independent programmatic due diligence
  • Navigating complex industry challenges and federal acquisition processes for successful outcomes
Risk Management and Targeted Opportunities
Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Drawing on our U.S. and international expertise, we help our clients develop, partner and position their companies to create shared value and positive results consistent with their core mission:

  • Creating unique platforms to best position companies & products
  • Delivering value chain expertise to determine strategic markets, entry points, business processes and timing
  • Federal budget, acquisition, and requirements navigation and government relations
  • Proposal support and color teaming

Congressional & Government Relations

We deliver on-the-ground insights and contacts drawn from distinguished careers in the U.S. government, Congress, the U.S. military, and multinational companies that we leverage to help clients navigate processes and achieve success. This includes:

  • Comprehensive government affairs, lobbying and advocacy
  • End-to-end BD and strategic positioning
  • Federal budget and Congressional appropriations process navigation and support
  • Strategic marketing, communications and PR campaigns
U.S. and International Government Relations

Centers of Excellence

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