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ASIO Case Study The Spectrum Group

Israeli Company & U.S. Army Aviation

Teams:  ArmyInternational

The Challenge:  An Israeli-based company specializing in airborne missile protection systems (AMPS) and ASIO surveillance systems needed help pursuing Army Aviation PEO opportunities.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG facilitated a relationship between the client and a reputable former PEO Aviation PM, providing expertise and process navigation assistance.

Client Outcome: The client gained valuable expertise into the original opportunity while broadening their DoD experience and relationships for future opportunities.

Strategic Battery Tech Partnership

Teams:  Army

The Challenge:  A professional services company needed assistance identifying potential U.S. government and Defense applications for a new battery technology.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG used our deep experience and strong relationships in the TACOM/TARDEC mission area to help the client make essential connections.

Client Outcome:  TSG’s introductions of the client to key TACOM/TARDEC decision makers enabled battery development.

Army Tank Batteries Case Study The Spectrum Group
Homeland Security Helicopter Case Study The Spectrum Group

Aerospace Market Strategic Growth

Teams:  Acquisitions & Due DiligenceDefense & Aerospace, Homeland Security

The Challenge:  A defense firm needed a wide range of leadership and program management strategic business development, marketing and capture services support.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG led strategic planning and competitive intelligence to help the client stand up a homeland security division, and identified targets and conducted due diligence for several M&A efforts. TSG also supported two aircraft capture teams and conducted U.S. space market funding/support assessments.

Client Outcome:  The U.S. Army selected the client’s helicopter from a four-way competition for a $3.0B-plus program.

Weapons Systems Market Expansion

Teams Strategic Communications, Defense & Aerospace

The Challenge:  A company specializing in remote weapon systems wanted to enter the U.S. defense and government markets.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG created an acquisition process road map for the client and coordinated Congressional funding, enabling the client to introduce the systems to DoD, federal and state customers.

Client Outcome:  On Capitol Hill, TSG delivered $10M of support from DoD Appropriations; at DoS, TSG secured client-relevant upgrades for U.S. embassies globally. These successful outcomes later resulted in a highly profitable sale of the client company.

Congressional Relations Case Study The Spectrum Group
Solar Base Investment Case Study The Spectrum Group

Infrastructure & Solar BRAC Analysis

Teams:  Air Force, BRAC, Energy & Environment

The Challenge:  A NY-based infrastructure company sought to build a solar farm at an Arizona Air Force base, but wanted to ensure they were making an informed investment.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG’s Air Force Team performed a thorough analysis of the base, including relevant BRAC criteria and a SWOT analysis of the base’s 25-year operational future.

Client Outcome:  With confidence, the client built the largest military base solar energy array in the world, producing energy to power 3,000 homes and saving 20 million gallons of water annually.

Army Business for Software Company

Teams : Army, Strategic Communications, Defense & Aerospace

The Challenge:  A Virginia-based software company wanted their products in Army aircraft.

Spectrum Solution:  The Army Team contacted CENTCOM, ARCENT, HQ, Department of the Army, and Apache and TRADOC capabilities managers in conducting market analysis. TSG also identified funding-prevention issues for a HQ-approved ONS for JRE.

Client Outcome:  The client saved millions of dollars by following TSG’s recommendation to analyze and pursue other U.S. platforms and global markets.

Army Technology Case Study The Spectrum Group
Strategic Growth Client Services The Spectrum Group

Strategic Positioning in Federal Markets

Teams:  Defense & Aerospace, Navy

The Challenge:  A commercial construction firm launched a major market expansion, seeking military construction opportunities.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG assessed CONUS, OCONUS and down-range military construction markets to identify opportunities and assess client competitiveness. TSG’s assessment included a strategic positioning plan for the client’s advanced technologies and green construction abilities.

Client Outcome:  After establishing BD processes and a sales force to pursue TSG-identified projects, the client won new aircraft and logistics program business. TSG also positioned the client’s technologies with Navy installation and facilities commands.

State Pursuing DoD Business for Local Companies

Teams Defense & Aerospace

The Challenge:  The state of Michigan wanted to support local companies in winning DoD business.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG helped the client with preparing marketing products, building strategic relationships, evaluating solicitations and preparing proposals.

Client Outcome:  A TSG-supported Michigan-based company was awarded a multi-million dollar task order contract.

Michigan Defense Industry Case Study The Spectrum Group
Healthcare & Bioscience

Healthcare Research for Advisory Firm

Teams:  Acquisitions & Due DiligenceHealthcare & Bio-Science

The Challenge:  A healthcare-focused advisory and consulting firm needed healthcare industry research assistance.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG gathered vital information, including from international experts, to build a comprehensive report on trends in healthcare administration and medical equipment markets.

Client Outcome:  The client was able to accurately gauge key performance issues, including cash flow drivers and challenges, relevant market and customer benchmarks, and federal acquisition challenges, and make an informed investment decision.

Training Company Seeking Defense Market Expansion

Teams:  Army, Defense & Aerospace, National Guard

The Challenge:  A combat simulation training system manufacturer wanted to expand into National Guard and Army markets.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG delivered consulting, marketing, and significant Congressional relations and legislative assistance to help the client secure federal funding for their training systems from the Army and Army National Guard.

Client Outcome:  Congress approved plus-ups for A-FIST, B-FIST, SimNet and COFT for the Army National Guard amounting to a funding increase of $150M over six years.

National Guard Training Simulator Case Study The Spectrum Group
Shipbuilding Case Study The Spectrum Group

BD for San Diego Shipbuilder

Teams:  Acquisitions & Due Diligence, Strategic CommunicationsNavy

The Challenge:  A U.S. shipbuilder wanted become the world’s largest non-nuclear ship repair company.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG helped the client obtain additional Congressional funding and provided liaison with the Navy. TSG helped the client identify a potential shipyard acquisition, set up an East Coast office, and with strategic communications.

Client Outcome:  In 18 months, client revenue increased threefold; the strategic acquisition was underway; a major WSJ article had raised their profile; and the new office was operating successfully.

Mississippi Port Seeking Grants

Teams:  Acquisitions & Due Diligence, Energy & Environment

The Challenge:  A Mississippi River/Tri-City port sought to obtain adjacent, excess military property, and to obtain OEA and TIGER grant funds for property redevelopment.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG facilitated the 752-acre acquisition, including real property and buildings. The port then asked TSG for assistance preparing a $20M ARRA grant application. TSG provided significant support, including a sophisticated cost-benefit analysis.

Client Outcome:  The port won two major grants, expanding the harbor and connecting terminals to adjacent roads and railways.

Mississippi Port Case Study The Spectrum Group
Runway Lighting Case Study The Spectrum Group

USAF Contracts for Lighting Company

Teams:  Air Force, Strategic Communications

The Challenge:  A lighting company specializing in USAF Emergency Airfield Lighting Systems (EALS) received an unfavorable OT&E, blocking a LRIP go-ahead decision.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG used our acquisition process expertise to help the client understand the reasons for the negative evaluation, and assisted in communicating with appropriate DoD individuals, facilitating dialogue with Congress, and drafting a letter to the USAF.

Client Outcome:  Although EALS was satisfied, the USAF was unwilling to reverse their LRIP decision. Despite the negative results, the client was highly satisfied with TSG’s efforts on their behalf.

International BD for U.K. Defense Firm

Teams Acquisitions & Due Diligence, Defense & Aerospace, International 

The Challenge:  A UK-based defense firm specializing in armor, force protection and unmanned ground systems wanted to strategically grow its international business.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG performed a global assessment across the client’s full product range, identifying addressable markets, budgets and requirements. TSG also created a country-by-country prioritized opportunity pipeline, including strategic planning for market development and penetration.

Client Outcome:  Following TSG’s strategic plan, the client won sales to several countries in NATO and in South Asia.

U.S. and International Government Relations
DoD STARBASE Case Study The Spectrum Group

DoD Youth and Education Programs

Teams:  Youth & Education

The Challenge:  DoD STARBASE, a U.S. youth educational program raising interest and improving skills and knowledge in STEM, required program support, assessments and technical assistance.

Spectrum Solution:  OASD/RA hired TSG to: prepare a program effectiveness report for Congress; assess DOD guideline compliance via site visitations; support new site orientation and training, including running multi-day workshops for all site directors and instructors; review and evaluate lesson plans; and develop and implement a print, digital and media communication strategy.

Client Outcome:  Since the partnership with TSG began, DoD STARBASE has been fully compliant with requirements and met all program objectives and metrics, across all 58 U.S. military base locations and all 870,000 students served.

FAA Certification for U.S.-Based Airline

Teams:  Civil Aviation, Strategic Communications

The Challenge:  A U.S.-based low-cost carrier lost FAA certification after a 1996 plane crash, but now wanted to become re-certified.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG assembled a highly-qualified team of technical, legislative and PR experts to develop a strategic plan and help company officials with implementation. The TSG team briefed members on the House and Senate Transportation Committees, and supported the company in its public relations campaign.

Client Outcome:  Within three months, the airline was re-certified by the FAA and safely back in the air producing revenue.

FAA Certification Case Study The Spectrum Group
Drinking Water Case Study The Spectrum Group

Danish Water Company Entering Defense Markets

Teams:  Army, InternationalMarine Corps

The Challenge:  An EU-based mobile/modular drinking water firm wanted to identify and target Army and Marine Corps opportunities.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG performed competitive and market analyses to identify/target U.S. military requirements for portable water purification units for deployed forces in austere areas.

Client Outcome:  The client was invited to demonstrate the product in the U.S. Army’s field testing program. The product was also positioned with Army and Marine Corps leadership and program managers. Additionally, TSG facilitated client meetings with key U.S. industry leaders for potential partnerships.

Port Seeking AF Base Land Acquisition

Teams Air Force, Strategic Communications

The Challenge:  A port in Washington wished to acquire property on an adjacent, closed Air Force military facility.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG helped the client draft legislation and used our strong Air Force network to help facilitate an agreement with the USAF regarding terms. TSG also worked with the Washington Congressional delegation to help the port secure the property. and assisted in expediting the property transfer.

Client Outcome:  The port successfully secured the desired land, expeditiously and cost-effectively.

Washington Port Case Study The Spectrum Group
Military Housing Investment BRAC Case Study The Spectrum Group

BRAC Analysis for Real Estate Firm

Teams:  Acquisitions & Due DiligenceBRAC

The Challenge:  A real estate firm needed to make an informed decision on a major military installation investment opportunity.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG researched, analyzed, and performed a 10-year risk assessment for the military base, spanning risk of base closure, major tenant activities, U.S. Navy current situation and potential direction, and risk of tenant realignment or downsizing.

Client Outcome:  The client was highly satisfied with TSG’s research and analysis, and made an informed investment decision.

Due Diligence for Investment Firm

Teams:  Acquisitions & Due DiligenceDefense & Aerospace

The Challenge:   A Chicago investment firm needed due diligence concerning a defense industry company.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG performed comprehensive due diligence, including detailed SWOT assessments on the company’s current work, customer activities, relevant government budgets and Congressional impacts, current and potential competitors, and macro market and economic trends. TSG also analyzed the company’s historic performance and projections, business plan, financials, backlog and pipeline.

Client Outcome:  Through increased clarity and confidence in the company’s current contracts valuation and future revenue projections, the client was able to make a good investment decision.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Implementation Support The Spectrum Group
Army Communications Case Study The Spectrum Group

Federal Utility & IT Programs Assistance

Teams:  ArmyDefense & Aerospace, Security

The Challenge:  A U.S. concrete manufacturer was interested in federal utility, telecommunications and IT infrastructure programs.

Spectrum Solution:  TSG conducted a federal market assessment and developed a contact plan for meeting key federal IT prime contractors. TSG also assisted in facilitating those meetings.

Client Outcome:  A successful engagement with AT&T resulted in more than $2M in Army communications shelter work for the client.

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